Dienstag, 12. März 2013

Michel's Possession - Demonic Ressurection EP

Remember my last Review?

This time, it's again a Band from Indonesia - Michel's Possession. I found them because their Singer is also the Singer of Genocide, so if you had a listen to their "Human Scum" EP you might be interested in listening to Michel's Possesion's recent EP. The Band mixes modern melodic  death metal / metalcore with with kind of Iron Maiden like Guitars. But Widi still does his grindcore sceams and growls. So if I had to describe the Band in one sentence I'd say "Total catchy and melodic Death Metal for Iron Maiden Fans". It's not surprise they covered "Be quick or be dead". They may need more time to make their sound perfect, but anyway this is a pretty cool first Release!

Download it! 

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